Get the best Automotive Video tool to Sell Cars

Videos were a novelty at a point in time. However, today videos have become commonplace in all our lives. We can record them anytime and anywhere from our phones. That is why we at Autos On Video, a company based out of Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, is making your phone with its capability to record high-quality Automotive Video, the perfect tool to trade in cars. That is because unlike other car dealers understands the power of video.

We at AutosonVideo believe that a picture says nearly 40,000 words or more and a Car Sales Video, a lot more than that. That is why we are urging all our affiliated car lots to create videos to sell their cars. We also understand today’s customer and know that they dislike the whole process of going to a car dealer, looking at the tens of vehicles and then choosing the perfect car. Customers these days like to get things done in a hurry and from the comfort of their home. That is why recording the Best Car Video you can to sell your vehicle has become more important than ever and our app helps you do exactly that.

Our app is fast and easy and helps you record the perfect Automotive Video in quick easy steps. It also helps you take multiple clips to highlight different parts of the car. The app also allows you to arrange the segment to showcase the best

automotive video

of the car and then add Voiceover and Background Music to cut down on the ambient noise and highlight the important aspects of your vehicle. Finally, the app also allows you to choose from the 40 or so VIN photos it extracts from your video, to make into the perfect thumbnail. And then all you have to do is upload it to your site or third party sites like, Dealer eProcess etc. You can even upload these video to social media sites like Youtube, Facebook etc if you think you will get a better deal there.