Can your auto dealership respond to a lead with video?

With nearly 95% of all vehicle searches beginning online it is imperative that you have Video of both New and Pre Owned Inventory as well as Video for your sales staff to use as a Video Lead Responder!

Now your sales staff can respond to every lead that comes in with actual video. AutosOnVideo is an easy to use, inexpensive mobile app that provides your Lot Service Company or In-house Staff the ability to shoot actual video of both new and pre-owned auto inventory.

In addition we have CMYAuto, an app that puts video into the palm of your sales team’s hands. Now your sales team can respond to every lead that comes into your store with actual video, placing the customer’s “dream vehicle” in their desktop, laptop, or most importantly their mobile device.

Your customers are shopping online all day long looking for their dream vehicle. When they findd it, they are ready to buy! It is time to give your customers what they want: Actual video of their dream vehicle. Now when they arrive at your dealership they have already built rapport with their salesperson. They have established the fact that this is the vehicle they want to purchase. Now it is just a matter of working out the details.

Thanks for your time, keep shooting video, and have a great day!

Tom Gallaher