Changing your customers’ car buying experience with video!

You have the power to change your life, to change your career, to change the way your dealership does business…

Most importantly of all you have the power to change your customers’ buying experience.

Our smartphone app, AutosOnVideo, puts the power of walkaround video in the palm of the salesperson’s hand. Whether it is your lot service company, your in house people or your sales staff… Now you can have actual video of New and Pre-Owned Vehicle Videos as well as responding to all leads with actual video of your customers’ dream vehicle. Now YOU can “brand yourself and your dealership” with video.

Developing that relationship via video. Developing rapport. Allowing your customers to get to know you through video before they even set foot in the dealership.

The auto sales person that embraces video will be the long term winner in this field.  Soon everyone will be using video. Why not be the first at your craft to be the “guy” who makes the critical first impression by responding to every lead with actual video?!

Video makes the difference. AutosOnVideo makes the app!

Thanks for your time, keep shooting video, and have a great day!

Tom Gallaher