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Changing your customers’ car buying experience with video!

You have the power to change your life, to change your career, to change the way your dealership does business…

Most importantly of all you have the power to change your customers’ buying experience.

Our smartphone app, AutosOnVideo, puts the power of walkaround video in the palm of the salesperson’s hand. Whether it is your lot service company, your in house people or your sales staff… Now you can have actual video of New and Pre-Owned Vehicle Videos as well as responding to all leads with actual video of your customers’ dream vehicle. Now YOU can “brand yourself and your dealership” with video.

Developing that relationship via video. Developing rapport. Allowing your customers to get to know you through video before they even set foot in the dealership.

The auto sales person that embraces video will be the long term winner in this field.  Soon everyone will be using video. Why not be the first at your craft to be the “guy” who makes the critical first impression by responding to every lead with actual video?!

Video makes the difference. AutosOnVideo makes the app!

Thanks for your time, keep shooting video, and have a great day!

Tom Gallaher

Can your auto dealership respond to a lead with video?

With nearly 95% of all vehicle searches beginning online it is imperative that you have Video of both New and Pre Owned Inventory as well as Video for your sales staff to use as a Video Lead Responder!

Now your sales staff can respond to every lead that comes in with actual video. AutosOnVideo is an easy to use, inexpensive mobile app that provides your Lot Service Company or In-house Staff the ability to shoot actual video of both new and pre-owned auto inventory.

In addition we have CMYAuto, an app that puts video into the palm of your sales team’s hands. Now your sales team can respond to every lead that comes into your store with actual video, placing the customer’s “dream vehicle” in their desktop, laptop, or most importantly their mobile device.

Your customers are shopping online all day long looking for their dream vehicle. When they findd it, they are ready to buy! It is time to give your customers what they want: Actual video of their dream vehicle. Now when they arrive at your dealership they have already built rapport with their salesperson. They have established the fact that this is the vehicle they want to purchase. Now it is just a matter of working out the details.

Thanks for your time, keep shooting video, and have a great day!

Tom Gallaher

Be prepared for your customers with video

It used to be said that a “good salesman always has a pen.” Nowadays it is said that a good salesman always sends video—of the customers “dream vehicle.”

YouTube is the second largest search engine, with 4 billion views per day!

By using AutosOnVideo you can build YOUR brand as well as that of the dealership.

CMYAuto is a easy to use video app that allows you to shoot segmented video, brand your self and the dealership and show the customer exactly what they are looking for: video of their dream vehicle.

Your Customers use Video.

You use Video.

Think about your experience with video when on FaceBook or YouTube. You look for short, interesting videos about the topic you are interested in. If the video is misleading or doesn’t show you exactly what you think it’s going to show, you exit the video quickly.

Your customers are doing the same with you.

Keep your videos short, simple and to the point. Visit AutosOnVideo on YouTube  to see several great examples of short videos that highlight the best points of a vehicle.

Thanks for your time, keep shooting video, and have a great day!

Tom Gallaher

Social media, YouTube videos driving how automotive marketing executives plan campaigns

Here is a wonderful article on Video and how the manufactures are changing the way they do things to better serve the customer, YOU. Check it out!

From left: Nissan North America Chairman Jose Munoz, Global Team Ford COO Mark LaNeve and BMW marketing Vice President Trudy Hardy answer panel questions from Automotive News Publisher and Editor Jason Stein.Photo credit: JOE WILSSENS
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Automotive News

January 14, 2014 – 6:24 pm ET

DETROIT — Social media, YouTube videos and other digital advertising platforms are now driving how automotive marketing executives plan their campaigns, a panel of automotive marketing executives said today.

Digital marketing has long supplemented mainstream advertising on traditional mediums such as television, print publications and radio. But the explosion of digital media consumption and mobile access to content has forced automakers to change how they pitch their products.

“If our agency comes with a TV spot first, that’s the wrong way to go. They have to show us the digital ideas first and the TV comes at the end — supplementary,” said Trudy Hardy, vice president of marketing for BMW North America.

Executives from Ford’s ad agency and from Nissan North America in a panel discussion at the Automotive News World Congress today also said that digital advertising drives much of the decision-making when crafting campaigns. Mark LaNeve, COO of Global Team Ford, says the agency has already adopted a “digital first” philosophy to help Ford keep up with its customers, who are already far ahead of all marketers.

More than 50 percent of Team Detroit’s employees work primarily on digital initiatives, LaNeve said. Other digitally focused practices at the agency include a global analytics practice and installing a digital-first planning and measurement system for Ford’s regional dealer ad groups.

LaNeve says traditional media is still important, but digital media consumption has made the traditional notion of the purchase funnel all but obsolete.

“For years we’ve organized and budgeted where tier one was national for the brand, Tier 2 was regional and in support of the dealer ad groups and Tier 3 was individual dealer advertising,” LaNeve said. “The customer doesn’t really receive digital media the way they do traditional media. They engage digital media, they consume it on their own terms and timetables and it’s non-linear — the jump from watching a video to locating a vehicle to building and pricing a car to e-mailing their dealer.”

Nissan is also adopting an approach similar to Team Ford’s digital first” at its new agency, Nissan United, said Jose Munoz, chairman of Nissan North America.

He says digital content gives marketers more creative freedom to tell different stories about a new product simultaneously.

“The name of the game is not whether you go [into digital] or not,” Munoz said. “It’s how you go there, how you get there and how many resources for this vs. other channels.”

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Car Shoppers Seeking Vehicle Videos

Car shoppers today are far more likely to engage in vehicle listings that include video. In fact, 30% of car buyers started shopping soon after watching online video that sparked their desire for a shiny new vehicle. An incredible 60% of them contacted a dealership that same day!

80% of all auto shoppers pursue online videos in their research, and half of all car shoppers watch at least thirty minutes of video during the buying process. Is your dealership engaging customers with great video content?

AutosOnVideo makes it easy and inexpensive for anyone in your dealership to create high quality short walkaround videos that can inspire buyers to action. Simply install AOV on any iPhone (Android coming soon) and within just a few minutes you can record and upload a captivating walkaround video for any vehicle in your inventory.

Drive more sales with AOV — the DIY video car lot software for your smartphone. Contact us today for a demonstration, or buy now from the App Store.

For additional information, please contact Tom Gallaher or James Plankey at 940-784-3365

Online Adults in Higher Income Households Post and Share Videos

In a recent survey by Pew Internet & American Life Project  younger adult Internet users are twice as likely to post and share videos online than their older counterparts. Fully 41% of 18-29 year-old Internet users and 36% of 30-49 year-old Internet users post and share videos online, compared to 18% of internet users 50 and older. Online adults living in higher income households (annual income of $75,000 or more) are also particularly like to post or share videos online when compared with those in household with annual incomes below $50,000.

How Video was Used in the Past

Well, up until now there really wasn’t an easy-to-use and inexpensive way to provide video, especially of pre-owned vehicles. Sure, a dealer could hire the local TV station to shoot video in the station’s “down time” at a reduced rate. Have you looked at those rates? Some reduced rate. You could hire a local videographer to come to your store, shoot some video and then take it back and edit it only to return with a big bill and video that would be outdated in no time.

Now AutosOnVideo has changed the industry standard for both new and pre-owned vehicles by providing unlimited Video for a monthly rate. By using dealers are able to give consumers what they want—videos of vehicles they are interested in that they can view, post, and share in the same way they view, post, and share all the other videos that hold their interest.

UAutoBee Lot Services

Auto Dealer Inventory Management


UAutoBee has a proven and unique method to showcase your auto dealer inventory better than anyone. We hand-gather vehicle features to include factory colors and highlighted vehicle features, not just a VIN explosion. Your finance department will love the “book out” feature allowing them to better highlight the vehicles true value.

  • Up to 21 digital photos, wide angle zoom lens showing your vehicles
  • Improved search engine marketing results
  • Hand-gathered information vs. standard VIN explosion
  • Export to eBay, Craigslist, Google, and more
  • High-quality videos of each car
  • Load your own logo, slogans, contact info and more
  • DMS polling
  • Custom Window Labels
  • FTC Buyers guides
  • Allow buyers to view your cars on iPads, iPhones and Smartphones

The UAutoBee Inventory Management Advantage

UAutoBee is an innovative automotive products and services company offering high-quality, moderately priced, auto dealer services. By providing a professional, consistent and reliable five-day-a-week service we can insure your auto dealer inventory will look its best.

  • 5 Days A Week Dealer Service
  • 21 digitally enhanced photos on pre-owned
  • 21 digitally enhanced photos on new vehicles
  • Mobile Site – Works on any iPhone or Smartphone
  • Custom photo overlay with FREE dent repair for first year of ownership
  • Window sticker design
  • Image overlay design

We showcase cars with the high-quality videos, photos, hand-gathered data, and custom dealer window stickers with compliant buyer’s guides, DMS polling and data distribution.